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3 Best States in The U.S. For A Wedding Photoshoot

A wedding ceremony is a great event in anyone’s life. It’s a special and momentous occasion that deserves the best we can get. Yet, no wedding ceremony is complete without wedding photos.

Wedding photography can be challenging. However, you can make it a lot easier if you pick-out the best locations. To help you with your decision, this article is going to focus on the best states for wedding photography.


Okay, this might not be in the mainland United States, which may be a bit of a challenge for some. However, if you do have the budget and energy, Hawaii is definitely is one of the best places to shoot for a wedding.

Honestly, what’s there not to like. You’ve got great clear waters, white sandy beaches, with towering cliffs at the backdrop. That’s a recipe for an exquisite tropical wedding photograph. However, that’s not all Hawaii can offer.

If sandy beaches are not the kind for you, there is a place in Mau known as Haiku Mill. The place offers something different in Hawaii. Shooting at this place will give your wedding photographs a kind of old world elegance. Also, your photographer has a lot to work with. It’s got flowers, gardens, courtyard and let’s not forget about the Hawaiian sky.


I promise, I’ll stick to the mainland U.S. from this point on.

One of the best places to shoot for a wedding photographer in the mainland U.S. is Washington. You have tons of options, with varying themes. For example, there is this very unique place.

The location is known as the Tree House Point. It’s in Issaquah Point. It’s got a beautiful woodland forest, which makes it easier for your photographer to get those “naturey” and “dreamy” shots. The central attraction of the place is the tree house. It’s big and gorgeous, and it can house even a wedding ceremony.

Another interesting place is Sodo Park in Seattle. The place is able to provide the industrial aura, but with ample infusion of historic architecture. Also, your photographer has a lot to work with, such as beautiful reclaimed lighting fixtures, exposed beams and other elements.


If you want something that portrays a sunny and vibrant feel for your wedding photographs, then the state to be is California. One good location is Beaulieu Garden in Rutherford.

Beaulieu Garden offers one of the best wedding photography locations if you want that garden wedding scene. It’s got fountains, elegantly aged sculptures, sycamore trees and an elegant canopy.

Union Hill Inn in Sonora is another unique location. The location is a prime spot for couples that want a kind of rustic refined atmosphere in their wedding photographs. On top of that, there are tons to work with as you have Yosemite and Lake Tahoe nearby.
It’s natural for couples to expect the best wedding photography possible. Yet, you also have to understand that photographers are not magicians. They can only work with what’s available. If you want the best wedding shoots possible, the location should be your primary focus. There are a lot of prime spots for a wedding shoot in the United States, but this article suggests that you start looking at Hawaii, Washington and California as they have locations that offer their own unique atmosphere and aura.

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