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Ready to Kick Off Your Remodel? Consider New Floors First

Many people who are remodeling their homes have the same question that you might be asking right now: where do I start? Whether you are just tackling a few home improvement projects or completely overhauling your home, remodeling can be made much simpler if the floors are done first. Having your new floor in place in the beginning of your remodel can be beneficial throughout your home, especially depending upon the other remodeling that is taking place.

If your home has base molding, it could need to be removed for your new flooring to be installed. If you plan on painting, removing the base molding could make the job easier and give a better finished result. Removal of the base molding is often a great first step for applying new flooring, and it also paves the way for new paint. Once the new flooring and paint have been applied, the base molding can be put back into place. Starting your remodel with new floors can lead to a better appearance for your paint, too.

If you are doing a kitchen remodel, you will almost definitely want to put your new flooring in place first. If new cabinets are being installed in your kitchen, the old cabinets should be removed before your new floors are applied. Kitchen cabinets pose a challenge when it comes to putting flooring into place. Measuring, cutting, and placing flooring around base cabinets can be a very cumbersome process. To avoid this issue, try installing flooring before placing the new cabinets. Once the new floor is installed, new base cabinets can go directly on top. Remodeling your flooring first can lead to a seamless kitchen remodel.

Need another reason for starting your remodel with new floors? If you are adding hardwood floors to your home, a considerable amount of sanding could need to be done. Sanding can leave behind a trail of dust that you might not want covering newly remodeled surfaces, such as painted walls and counters. In addition to a dusty mess, the installation of new floors could also leave behind other messes. If your new floors will require a coating of polyurethane sealant, there is a chance that the sealant will splatter onto your walls. Also, avoid smears and scuffs on your walls by placing new floors before paint. Remodeling your floors at the onset of your project is a great way to protect your future projects, such as new paint.

Whether you are remodeling your complete house or just making a few changes, going ahead with new floors first is a solid choice. Installing floors first is a great way to get started with a painting project, since any base molding would ideally be removed for both projects. In addition, remodeling floors first is an excellent alternative to working around base cabinets. Removing old cabinets before applying new floors can be an efficient way to begin a kitchen remodel. Plus, starting your remodel with new floors is a great way to protect your future remodeling projects, including fresh paint.

Regardless of the remodeling job you choose to take on, remember that permit requirementsĀ  and waste removal guidelines must always be followed. Contact your local city or county office to double check for permits. For waste removal, either be prepared with a tuck to haul your waste to the city dump, or for larger jobs, explore your options for renting a roll-off dumpster. There are multiple solutions for every project, just be sure to abide by local regulations.